How To Make The Most Of A Courtyard Garden

Are you downsizing or moving from a garden-less home to having some outside space. Daunted by the thought of a courtyard garden? You needn’t be. Even the smallest of spaces can be beautiful, practical and an asset to your home. With a few handy tricks you can create a delightful outside space to be proud of. Here we share our secrets on how to make the most of a courtyard garden.

  1. Treat it like another room

With a small space you won’t be able to take long walks around the garden, so it is essential that you have somewhere to sit and enjoy your outside space. Whether that’s a table and chairs, a rattan love seat, a hammock or a swing chair.

  1. Carefully place garden furniture

Off-centre your table and chairs to create a sense of space. Trust us, it truly works.

  1. Be clever with optical illusions

If you find that you have a dark corner in your courtyard, a mirror can open up the space and reflect sunlight into the garden.

  1. Proportion is everything

Container planting is your friend, but be aware that these will need more watering. Don’t be afraid to have a couple of bold statements – a large tree or a water feature, for instance. These are best placed on the back boundary to draw the eye in.

  1. Identify a theme

When you are short on space, tying everything in with a common theme can unify the space. It could be an extension of the reception room leading to the garden.

  1. Storage

Tall storage with a small footprint will allow you to store seasonal items and prevent a sense of clutter when not in use.

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