Lantain Ltd is a landscape maintenance business, which operates in the South East London area. Our aim is to offer high quality and reliable landscape maintenance services for your garden or commercial property.

Whether you need a one off visit or a regular service, you can be assured that a knowledgeable and experienced grounds person will be looking after your outdoor space. Each job is treated individually and with pride. This sustains professional and friendly relationships with all of our clients.

We all know that maintaining a garden takes constant effort and routine. You can rest assured that Lantain Ltd has a proven track record of keeping gardens looking their best, all year round.

Lantain Ltd:

  • are fully insured for Public and Personal Liability
  • carry a Waste Carriers Licence so you know your waste will be disposed of responsibly
  • are safety conscious and use safety clothing and equipment where necessary
  • do not need access to electricity as we are self contained

From Chislehurst to Dulwich, Beckenham to Hernhill, Lantain Ltd is dedicated to looking after your garden and taking care of any aspect of its maintenance or further development that you might see fit to implement. Wherever you might be in the south-east London area, Lantain Ltd is here to help in any way it can and take the burden of keeping your green area neat and tidy off your hands.

Our service is of a consistently high quality and every member of our team is extremely reliable and knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of plants, beds and so on, so you don't need to worry about our commitment to your grounds or outdoor space. We take pride in our work and endeavour to ensure that you are as happy with it as we are – that’s the most important thing as far as we’re concerned. Even if you just want us to perform something as simple as a lawn mowing service (though we can take on much more specialist jobs) once or twice a month, you can be assured that Lantain Ltd will do a thoroughly fantastic job. However long you want to continue your relationship with us (because, as we all know, gardens constantly grow and constantly need to be looked after), you can rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands whenever and wherever you need us.

Lantain Ltd is fully ensured for Public and Personal Liability; is holder of a Waste Carriers License; is extremely safety-conscious and is self-contained in terms of the use of electricity. Whether you have a residential or commercial gardening job in mind for our team, get in touch using the details listed on the Contact page on our website and let us see how we can help. You’ll be very glad you did!

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